Best Way Acupuncture Natural Treatment


Acupuncture is a natural treatment that is believed to restore health and fitness, as well as very good for treating pain. In general, the needles will be plugged in at some point the body, then the needle is vibrated. Formerly, this vibration is done manually but now has developed a tool with the power to move it.

Acupuncture originated from The Latin acts, meaning “needle” (certificate objects), and pungent, which means “prick” (verb). In Mandarin called Zhen jiǔ literally is the needle. In its development, the meaning is the technique of inserting or manipulating needles into “acupuncture points” natural treatment of the body.

Now, the definition and characterization of these points have been standardized by the World Health Organization (WHO). The plot, the determination of these points refer to the meridian.

Meridian is a traffic lane in the body’s energy. And as traffic, on the meridian there is a path/road, there are obstacles, there is no intersection, there is a starting point, there is the endpoint and so on. If the energy in the meridians smooth road, it will create harmony in the body, and our bodies are capable of fighting the disease, otherwise if there is resistance at meridian will display health problems.

The logic determination of acupuncture points is in line with the understanding of the human anatomy system. Patients who were treated, so far there are two categories, namely for the beauty of the body (slimming) and healing.

Starting from neurological diseases (headache, migraine, vertigo, stroke infarction), diabetes mellitus (DM), bronchitis, heart, muscle disorders as well (deceit, one vein). The average patient who comes to her improved condition, of course, if it came therapy regularly.

Now, many different types of acupuncture (Japanese, Korean, and Chinese classical) practiced and taught throughout the world. American Medical Association (AMA) and several official reports have also been studied as well as giving good comments about the efficacy of acupuncture.