Easy losing weight after menopause

losing weight after menopause

Among women over 50, one of the most common problems is to losing weight after menopause.

If you find yourself in this situation you will probably have a hard time maintaining your ideal weight and the fat accumulates in your waist. You are not alone, and most women are gaining weight over the years.

This weight gain in women when they reach maturity is also due to the fact that they continue to consume less and fewer calories.

Once you enter the menopause, your metabolism slows down and the burning of calories is done much more slowly, this is what complicates the possibility of staying at an ideal weight without changing your habits. A teenager can burn 3 times more calories than an older person.

losing weight after menopause
How to losing weight after menopause?

At this stage, you have to pay even more attention to the food you eat. It is necessary to limit daily fat intake and never exceed 30% of total calories.

Increase the consumption of fish and consume foods such as nuts, cereals, skimmed milk, vegetables, white meat, fruit, virgin olive oil and infusions of green tea.

Among the foods that are not recommended, it is necessary to highlight fat, sausages, industrial pastries, whole dairy products, fried foods and sugar in all its forms.

Banana and dark chocolate are foods that send well-being signals to the brain and help you control your nerves.

Likewise, it is advisable to consume foods rich in fiber since it is a very important element in the diet during menopause to help in the control of cholesterol, regulate the transit and activate the intestinal flora.

10 tips to losing weight during menopause

The diet you should follow during menopause must, therefore, be varied, low calorie and seasonal, with fresh foods to ensure the best nutritional quality of your diet.

Ask for help
Do not hesitate to ask for help from an Endocrinology specialist. Although today we are going to give you some basic tips they can never be as effective as those of a professional. Ideally, they prepare a personalized diet.

It is essential that you pay attention to the amount of salt you use. If you retain liquid, it is advisable to consume low sodium salt.

It is advisable to have breakfast completely. Beware of juices, because when you remove the fiber from the fruit, its fructose is absorbed more quickly and that facilitates the accumulation of fat.

Do not forget to include in your breakfast protein such as egg, cheese, lean meat, tuna or salmon.

Thermogenic foods
Spices and thermogenic foods activate the metabolism and help reduce fat deposits. Some of these foods are curry, chili, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and coffee.

The predominant fat must be olive oil since its vitamin E favors the production of estrogens. You should reduce the consumption of trans fats and increase the consumption of unsaturated fats.

losing weight after menopause
Do you want to lose more than 15 kilos?

Rate then the option of the Intragastric Balloon, a technique that accelerates weight loss and also puts you on the right path to adopt a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, we recommend consulting with Sanitas Health Services, available to everyone even if you do not have medical insurance.

Simple kitchen
Avoid preparations such as fried and breaded. It is better to cook steamed, grilled, cooked or baked food.

So that the dishes have more flavor you can season them with spices, vinegar or lemon.

Antiaging food
Eat foods like red fruits or blueberries, if they are fresh better. The dried apricots are perfect food because they provide a large number of nutrients and contribute to lower blood pressure and eliminate fluid retention.

Follow the plate rule
One-third of the plate for protein and 2 thirds of the plate for vegetables.

Avoid stimulants
Mate, coffee and tea have no calories but stimulate insulin and fat storage in the body. It is advisable to consume decaf.

In short, losing weight during menopause is possible and sometimes help is necessary to live with health and good self-esteem. You may also want to read: How to lose face fat