13 healthy recipes for “mondays without meat”

healthy recipes

On previous occasions, we have talked about the proposal healthy recipes of “Mondays without meat” or “meatless Mondays”: it is a global movement through which people who so wish not to consume products of animal origin are encouraged during this weekday.

It can be a very good option if you are thinking about becoming vegetarian or vegan and have not yet decided, as a means to fight in a symbolic way against climate change and animal respect or simply to reduce the consumption of meat in your diet, if you want to do.

To make it easier we have compiled the best healthy recipes without meat or fish. If you want to sign up for “Monday without meat”, these are our suggestions.

  • Tomatoes stuffed with rice with raisins and pine nuts: a very simple recipe for which you will only need the oven, which will please young and old and which can serve as a starter in a two-course meal, or as a garnish.


  • Lentils and rice burgers: because hamburgers do not always have to be made of meat. Legumes and cereals can be a good alternative to obtain complete proteins from vegetable sources.


  • Light spinach pancakes: a great idea for a light and original dinner, including vegetable foods in the well-known pancakes. They will give you a curious flavor and you can combine them with tapenade dips, for example.


  • Medallions of quinoa: quinoa is a classic that does not fail at our table when we want to opt for foods that are not of animal origin. This pseudo-cereal has many benefits for our body and we can consume it in different ways: the medallions are great for the little ones in the house.


healthy recipes for mondays without meat
  • Spicy tofu scrambled tacos: Traditionally, the tacos are made with healthy recipes beef or chicken. In this recipe, we suggest you change it for spicy tofu and give it a special (and spicy) touch.


  • Eggplant with miso rice: the eggplant is another classic in our meatless dishes. In this case, we prepare it sautéed to the wok so that it does not lose an ounce of its flavor.


  • Whole wheat pasta with vegetables: we do not forget the pasta in this compilation either. One of the easiest and fastest ways to improvise a meatless dish, sautéing it with vegetables so that it acquires all its flavor.


  • Zucchini zoodles marinated with fresh figs and cheese: Zoodles or fake vegetable spaghetti is fashionable in our kitchen, but it is true that if we eat them raw or just sautéed they can be very tasty. One solution is what we propose here: marinate them and then include other ingredients with stronger flavors such as cheese and figs.


  • Tartlets of spinach, tomatoes, and cheese: Do you have any special celebration on Monday without meat? These tarts are perfect if you have guests and present them in small format, or as a first course in a slightly larger format.


  • Chickpea, barley and pumpkin meatballs: pumpkin is one of our favorite vegetables, and these vegetarian meatballs retain all their flavor. They are very easy to prepare and very tasty when tasting.


healthy recipes for mondays without meat


  • Juicy vegan tortilla with zucchini: this tortilla is ideal for those who are more committed because, in addition to not containing meat, it also does not carry eggs, which are replaced by chickpea flour.


  • Raita or creamy yogurt salad with radishes, spinach, and cabbage: never miss a good salad at our table! And more if it is as original as this: with a multitude of ingredients and that works perfectly as a first course of a larger menu.


  • Zucchini carpaccio with avocado and raspberries: we finish our selection with a raw vegan recipe in which its success lies in the quality of the raw material. In only 15 minutes we can prepare this dish, perfect for a snack before eating or as an accompaniment.