Fasting of Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables


We have a one-day fast, yogic fasts where we eat different nuts foods for several days and monodies (the hardest are you).

In the one-day fast, we give our bodies a rest, with the yogic fasts we clean and rejuvenate our blood, body, and mind. With monodies, we take only one food and we eat it repeatedly to take the special qualities and make them ours. Each one of these different practices have their preparations, cares, and warnings. Today we will see the simplest yogic fast of all.

Fasting of Fruits Vegetables and Nuts

The times

At the time of year when the weather begins to change from cold to heat is when our blood begins to renew. This is the ideal time to make the yogic fast of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Still, this fast can be done during the summer. Some practices are better for cold times and others better for hot times. When there is more heat, diets consisting of vegetables, fruits or in general few foods are recommended. On the contrary disciplines with stronger foods are better for winter. All this within the framework of yogic fasts and mono diets.

How to do this fast?

It is better when

  • You are already vegetarian or when you have a conscience about your way of feeding otherwise 30 days you will hate me for having given you this idea. 
  • Something that happens very well is to do it with a group of people, that is, all starting on the same date and generating a periodic instance where they can share the ups and downs and give support. How we in the mono-diet of garlic.

What can you eat?

All fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you can find without having been processed, for example, fruits and vegetables that come in preserves do not enter this fast.

What can you drink?

  • Water
  • Yogi tea without milk and with a little honey.

How many days?

30 days in a row, it does not count if you stop a Macdonald’s in between, you must start over.

To get pregnant

If you are planning to enter into a state of grace, do this yogic fast 6 months before the date of conception, it will help with the process of becoming pregnant.

This fast is prohibited for pregnant women.


My wife has performed this diet several times, I asked her to share her experiences with us, in her words:

The yogic fasting of fruits, vegetables, and nuts is a diet that helps you to start practicing this type of fasts and monodies. It is better to do it when you are already a vegetarian.

When cooking we have to be creative, make elaborate dishes to make this fasting somewhat entertaining.

When I finish this diet, I feel very light with a more angelic, lighter body consciousness. The challenge of this fast is the anxious states but it is still the easiest within the fasts and monodies

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