Systems Immunology Tips

Systems Immunology
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The body actually has remarkable systems of Immunology to maintain health. Unfortunately, the body is attacked by the disease does not immediately “armed” with the intake of nutrition and rest, but still forced to work hard. As a result, the body will be weakened and susceptible to disease.

Naturally, in fact, it will occur in the human body balance, given the defense systems of Immunology owned. If people have flu, for example, it is because the virus is strong that attacks systems the bodies.

Immunology is owned by the immune systems of living things. These systems play a major role when there are foreign substances enter the body tissues. If described, it is like a form of immunological state security.

In the first layer, there is an iron fence. Then at the entrance of the armies of the first layer. The more inward, layer the stronger the army. Well, on the human body, the first security gate is the skin, hair and oil glands and tear glands. Medical terms, a mechanical barrier.

At the next level, no such thing as dendritic cells. The cell is its nature as a spy. If the incoming call is a platonic agent (disease carriers), it will sound an alarm dendritic body.

In fact, it can also produce chemicals that attract other immune cells. Immune cells that later will try to beat back platonic agents.

Often, agents are more powerful platonic, may also “disguised” so as to penetrate the defenses of dendritic. If that happens, it does not mean your body will lose just like that. There are still other defense cells, called T cells.

In general, T cells seem geeky, aka plain, but if there is illness comes, he will immediately change, as Superboy. One component of these white blood cells will recognize foreign cells that come in, Menina Danca whether it is pathogenic (disease-causing), allergen (allergen), or tolerate (foreign cells but not “counter” in the extreme, or can be tolerated).

Then this cell will be changed to be more specific, like a personal aide. Consisting of three kinds, according to fieldwork.

The first of helper T cells, to agents that cause infections and allergies. The second, cytotoxic T cells. This cell has the potential to kill infected cells (usually due to viral infection).

The third is regulatory T cells, which produce tolerated. If the cells are not harmful foreign invaders, who then tolerated work, because it is not necessary cell “killer”.

Basically, if the body continues to get good nutrition and adequate rest, T cells will continue to develop and grow stronger. So without any medication, the body will be healthy again soon.

The problem that often arises is the body that is not immediately attacked by the disease “armed” with the intake of nutrition and rest but still forced to work hard. Calories in the form of energy used by humans are not matched with the proper intake, the body will be weakened. Moreover, if the conditions of developing the disease. Eat nutritious foods, drinking enough water, and rest is recommended.