Zucchini Boats 5 Low-Carb Recipes

Zucchini Boats

Move over, spiralized comfort foods; There is more than one way to convert your favorite dishes into carbohydrates and gluten-free zucchini boats. Once zucchini is cut in half and the seeds are removed, it is the perfect container for makeshift tacos, pizza or even hamburgers. As an added bonus, this trick is a totally smart way to make sure you’re eating your vegetables (and not eating gluten or carbohydrates, if that’s your jam). Yes, sometimes our cravings are like those of a fussy five-year-old child, but with a little help from these zucchini-filled recipes, you may find yourself making these easy recipes every night.

5 Low-Carb Recipes:

1. Bruschetta Hummus Zucchini Boats: This bruschetta and hummus love affair is just the dish for a light meal or snack. If you plan to serve it as a snack, cut your boats in half to get more miles and watch them leave. (via Running to the Kitchen)


2. Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats: If you are the type of person who carries hot sauce in your bag (hello, baby), the buffalo chicken has a special place in your heart. These buffalo chicken stuffed zucchini can be the trick you need to get on board with the green vegetable. Now, if there was a safe way to carry these boats in your bag … (via Destination Delish)Zucchini Boat

3. Chili Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Boats: You can take these ships to the next level by adding a hot dog and / or Fried. Zucchini here could overcome the texture of gluten-free bread. (via Maebells)

4. Zucchini Pizza Boats: How cute are these mini pepperonis? So cute, you’re going to want to eat these pizzerias. The best part of this recipe is not to get flour throughout your kitchen. That is a victory for lazy and healthy girls alike. (via Cooking Classy)

Zucchini Boat

5. Lemon asparagus cauliflower Rice stuffed with roasted zucchini with shrimp: for a totally healthy and tasty meal, try this dish with cauliflower rice and grilled shrimp. Although it seems you spent a lot of time on this, you can actually achieve it in 30 minutes. (via Food Faith Fitness)

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